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THE CX ECO SYSTEM – The world of the customer This presentation speculates about what customers will demand from brands in the future. It also explores various techniques we can use to get to understand the customer and the problems we are trying to solve for them better. This is part 1 of a 4 part series.

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“I transform ordinary customer and employee experiences into the exceptional”

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Crafting and implementing a Customer Experience transformation strategy that will differentiate your brand.

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Lean forward into the future: What experiences will your customers demand from you in the future?

Time required: 40 - 50 minutes

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In this presentation, we will critically look at the current trends in customer behavior and interaction and evaluate how this will change the experiences that customers will demand from brands in the future.

We will look at how customers are interacting with various media, products and channels and how that interaction will change their expectations of brand experiences in future.

We will speculate about the following questions:
What does the trends mean for how your brand communicates with consumers?
What are their expectations going to be around your brand’s feedback and the speed of feedback?
What skills will your brand ambassadors need in future to engage with the consumer of the future?

We will take the various trends and try that onto your business and explore what it will demand from you with regards to your products, processes and technology and people.
Join me in leaning forward into the customer experience consumers will demand in future!

  • Presentation Slide Deck on slide share & narrated version on Youtube
  • PDF Presentation
  • Worksheet: Trends & what it means for my brand
  • Worksheet: Actions to future proof my brand experience


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