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1838 The first photograph of a human being (by Amanda Uren)

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I have seized the light. I have arrested its flight.


Human (1)

The exposure time for the image was around seven minutes, and although the street would have been busy with traffic and pedestrians, it appears deserted. Everything moving was too fast to register on the plate.
The exception is the man at the lower-left who sat still long enough to appear in the photograph. The person cleaning his boots is also visible, although not as distinctly.
It has been speculated that instead of a shoeshine boy, the man stood at a a pump. However, comparison with another image taken by Daguerre of the same spot at noon reveals boxes used to hold brushes and polishes.
Like every Daguerreotype — the first publicly announced photographic process, and named after Daguerre — the photograph was a mirror image. Here is the image … read on 

Mr X (by Rogue Films)

Posted by:johanbotha on Aug - 27 - 2014 - Filed under: Monochrome,Photography,Video -

Not only the Vimeo Staff Pick, but a very informative, artistic and well animated short film directed by Alex Nicholson on the ultimate form of “branding”, the Tattoo!

Beautiful Black and White imagery and superb lightning techniques to be seen in this clip.


Mr X from Rogue Films on Vimeo.

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