5 Free Online Courses to Improve Your Photography (by Andrea Clegg)

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MOOCs – or massive open online courses, offer free or low-cost access to top-notch courses taught by university professors and professionals. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned professional – you are sure to find information in the following five free courses to enhance your photography skills and knowledge.



1. Practice of Art 8 – University of California, Berkeley

course 1 12 4Practice of Art 8 is a series of twelve videotaped lectures by John S. McNamara offering an introduction to visual thinking. Especially relevant is Lecture #3, “Writing in Light”, which is all about photography. Technological advances and image interpretation are some of the topics covered in this lecture. Previous Art 8 student projects are also reviewed.

2. Introduction to Art: Concepts & Techniques – Pennsylvania State University

course 2 12 4This course, by Anna Divinsky, offers a hands-on introduction to art making for students without any previous art experience. Of particular interest is Week 4, ‘Stories Through the Lens’, which focuses on black and white portraiture photography. Keep an eye on this site to sign up for future course start dates or click on the link to download the free iTunes e-book which covers most of the course content.


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